Flushing and Kent

on flushing avenue

on flushing avenue

on kent avenue

I often like to wander down on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn around dawn and sunset- it's got these great hulking warehouses and broken down streets, and there is hardly anyone ever out on the weekends. Kent Avenue is pretty abandoned down there as well- it's not until you get closer to the Williamsburg Bridge that you start to see lots of people again.


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dude that third (bottom) facade rocks. too bad the light pole is where it is. would've been better if it wasn't.

yeah- let's go over there tonight and get rid of it- we'll need a truck, 12' feet of steel chain, and a good cover story.

damn. all I got is a rope, a bicycle, and lots of coffee.


That's my block! (grand ave)

Have you ever actually gone into the Navy Yard Bar? (formerly the chess club bar) It's truly skeevy, there are usually about 4 or 5 skanky hoes shakin it in skimpy g-strings, and presumably waiting for an offer. I've been a few times. Pretty scary.

-milo voo

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