Gowanus in Winter

gowanus in winter

gowanus in winter

gowanus in winter

gowanus in winter

In my later years, I could see becoming the Monet of the Gowanus Canal. Instead of painting water lilies, I'll take thousands of pictures of the industrial buildings and rusting bridges. Does anyone else feel this kind of connection to the canal? I've heard some people feel this way about Newton Creek in LIC, but that seems a poor substitute to me.


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I feel a similar connection to it... there's some amazing stuff around there. I'm also really glad you put up some daytime shots. These are wonderful, especially the one with the stop sign.

Agreed. I love the canal and am thrilled to say that I have been there to witness its odd glory at all hours and all seasons. I almost rented a room on a houseboat that was docked at Carroll street bridge for a while. I declined because I was worried for my electronic equipment.

While I have not taken thousands of photos, I certainly have taken 100s over the last eight years and marked quite a bit of the slow transformation. Expect that transformation to quicken as the next years go by. I have noticed a few for sale signs this weekend on some large canal side warehouse buildings. They will need a zone variance to become luxury condos but developers (at least the ones with deep pockets) have patience.

You can be the Monet - but I got dibs on the Cezanne


Love the canal, love the photos. I find the Gowanus an oddly moving place, although if you kayak in it you will experience its glorious wretchedness in a vastly different way. It feels like the liquid equivalent of the catacombs--only the catacombs actually smell better--a place you could simply disappear into.

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