Coney Island 2

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

Coney Island, 11pm

I'm surprised that Coney Island hasn't been completely overcome by Disney or some other corporate marauder. It still looks very much like it did in The Warriors- all desolate rolling gates and signs with peeling paint. I love it there. [More pictures are available in the gallery section.]


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i think i pushed some of these pictures a little bit too far- the grain really came up, and despite my usual tricks (bluring the a and b channels in one of the modes), i wasn't able to get it down that much. i think i may have had the ISO set wrong, but it may have just been that it was pretty dark out on the boardwalk, so there was less to work with going in.

i think the grain works well where it came up intended or not...i especially like the playground shot...were some of these done at dusk or was the exp. just that long...ie. the astropark and grillhouse shots have an erie nuclear winter feel to them rather than a typical nightime darkness...

Jake, I absolutely love the third picture of the playground. Is that the moon in the background, or some sort of plane/sky light?

I've been having grain problems lately, too. I'm new to shooting at night and it's driving me nuts (I pretty much had it mastered with a manual camera, but digital is whooping my butt). What ISO were you at?

i think it might be an airplane- it seems too low to be the moon.

i was shooting at iso 50 early in the night, which is low grain, but because it was so dark i ended up having to bump those pictures up with curves in photoshop, which creates grain issues. later in the night,`i was shooting on iso 100 (i thought the grain might have been due to shooting on 400, but i checked and it was correct at 100), but i think the darkness mgiht still have played a role. if it happens again in a brighter situation, i'll start looking for the source of the problem.

My guess is airplane -- there's no moon in my shots in the same direction at the same time. The small dot at the horizon is presumably a ship.

Hey Jake...

I like the yellow/tan color of the grillhouse and astroland photos. Is that just from the light that was available, or is something else going on here? Neophyte question...

those are some hot Deco and Rush throwups...

Has anyone seen that Shoot the Freak game? Its funny. I nominated the guy who is the "freak" as having the worst job in the world. Some guy puts on a halloween mask and people try to nail him with paintballs while he hides behind things. One good thing about his job is that it will probably never be outsourced overseas. Great photos.

The part I like is the color contrast. The subject matter is both inviting and creepy. Hey and its Coney Island! The stuff of legend.

shoot the freak and nathan's are very cool

Is Coney Island even open during the winter?

Jake, you should really sell these as prints on cafepress or something. they're excellent. i love the 'shoot the freak' one.

PS Glad Thompson is doing better! I think my mom even wrote you recently to ask about him!

"The Warriors" is one of the best B-movies ever made. Nice reference.

Hi,there!i will be visitins NYC in September and would love to visit Coney if only to see how the WArriors felt to get back on home turf!!How long is the train journey from 42nd street and also is there a decent place to get a beer when i get there?By the way your pictures were superb!Best wishes,Tommy Rockliffe,Liverpool,England.

Hi Jake,

The coney island images on your site are quality, are any of these for sale as larger prints? Rudy B,warriors Fan, Nottingham, England

I remember in the early 60's on Thursadys, there was pirotecnic shows every week. I used to live in Ocean Parkway and 18th. Ave

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