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For people interested in affordable tilt/shift: I shoot a lot of roofscapes, and urban scenes, so there’s a lot of play in perspective in my shots. I was interested in pushing my limits—maybe dip my feet into medium format without diving into Hasselblad prices, but I mainly wanted see what I could do with tilt/shift. I found a lens (12mm tilt/shift) made by a small company called “Hartblei,” which fits onto a 6x6cm format body made in the Ukraine, called the Kiev 88. In order for the lens to fit, the body needs a customization for the old Pentax 6 mount, but the non-customized bodies are so unreliable that this is really the only way to buy them. The whole system is extremely affordable (less than $1200), and has served me well in the past three years I’ve had it. The lens is remarkable, and is now the staple of my style.

BTW: What film do you use for the shots on this page? I like how hot the colors come out.

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