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"It's too bad that these pictures don't measure up"

on the contrary, i think they came out beautiful! I especially enjoy the 3rd, 5th, and 6th.


Don't be so hard on yourself, I really like the third and fifth shot. I was in a photographer's block myself for good bit of time. It sucked, but the inspiration will come and now I'm feeling the groove again. Just flow with it and keep shooting, I am sure the next set of photos you post will floor me as usual in that "Where the hell did he come up with that?!" kinda way.


Good pics of my stop, Jake! I've stood on the platform hundreds of times over the past three years and you've captured scenes/angles I've never seen before.

dave  in milwaukee

Great photos! These bring back a lot of childhood memories, from the many times I saw that station from the car as we were stuck in traffic on the expressway. I thought it was really cool. I still do. I would also love to see some street and entrance level photos of that station, if you have any. Thanks for sharing these great pics.


I think the composition on 2,3,6,7 are quite good. Twilight is both an opportunity and a problem at times. Keep shooting and of course, editing.

Have you ever taken a class at the ICP? Not a basic "photo 1" type of course, but a real "spend some time with a master" type of thing. Or, another interesting thing to do is a Mentor Trip, http://www.mentorseries.com Having several pro's look over your work can be an eye opening experience.


Bastard!, I kept meaning to take pictures of that stop when I used to swap from the G to the F. And now I live else where. You really captured that area though, wish you had more shots through the chainlink fence, I stared out of that for days...

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