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more proof why Brooklyn is better than Manhattan.


Love the hoop shot.


+1 on the hoop shot.


the hoopless hoop shot is starting to grow on me- when i first did the set, i wasn't going to put it up, but then i figured, what the hell.


hi jake, I'm a new visitor to your site (and I love it!), but I was wondering if you have an explanation somewhere of "the index project" that you're working on. i looked around a bit but didn't see anything. i'm really intruiged.


the index project is pretty simple: i'm slowly working my way through every street and neighborhood in new york. for the last couple of years, i've been concentrating my work in manhattan, below 14th street- but by december, i should be largely done with that area. then i'll move up to do 14th to 59th street, etc. of course, i often take excursions to the more interesting neighborhoods in the outer boroughs.


Love ure pics!

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