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jordan Rosenberg

hey man, really moving pictures, very well done. I've been amazed by the wealth of human drama, as well as the pull of subjective artistic interpretation that's been evidenced in the last few days. I was at the Kensington march, up in the front between 28th and 29th and I had to jump a few baracades to get away from the riot cops. The one day I don't have my camera on me! I did get the chance to shoot a few rolls at the sunday march, should be doing the scans soon. If you want I can forward them to you when I post them.

Jay Smooth

The bald guy in the last pic is one of my activist colleagues from WBAI, Panama Vincente Alba


Hey Jake- Thanks for the wedding pictures, keeping us up to date on the moblog. It's great to have you back in NYC. I don't know what I'd do without being able to go to your site first thing in the morning!! Thanks, you make my day. Congratulations on your marriage.
Jeannie from SF


Unfair editorializing on your part,Jake, to label them all "anarchists." Not fair at all. Different groups have very different ideas. For example, the War Resisters League, who did the "die-in" are pacifists, but I think they'd rather object to being called "anarchists."


Hey Jake

Remember me? We spoke for a lil while in Union Square. Nice pics - seem a lot more betta than the actual thing. That same black dude you have yelling at a girl in the picture was walking around yelling at EVERYONE calling them nazis and so on. He would yell until the cops came up to him and then he'd walk away and say "i'm done, i'm done".

Anyway - thanks for being out there taking the pics.


I can't wait for all really great policy changes that will be the direct result of these protests. America is gonna ROCK, then.


I know that lady in the Mothra costume heh.....


i thought that was a guy


Wow!!! you would never see a protest like this in Australia let alone Sydney!! thats really interesting!

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