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Go with your heart.


It's never enough and the qualityis superb! Does that help?!@!

Tim N.

Yes, you're right, you're screwed either way. All artists are, because as sure as your work is hitting its marks, there will be someone telling you the other way is right, validating your fears. So at the end of the day it really is just you and your work. Put up what you're proud of, what you stand behind, what makes the statement you want to make to the world, be it one or 1,000 shots. If you've said what you need to say, and proud of it, then your work is done.

"Play what you want, and let the rest of the world catch up..." Thelonious Monk

PS: Nice shots.


I finally made it back to NYC. I got a chance on Sunday morning to snap some shots of sorely missed graffiti : http://dragonballyee.blogs.com/photos/soho_graff/02.html.

Your shots of street graff have quenched my thirst for the past few months. Thank you.


i have been studying your pictures for some time and
have been looking for more dumbo pictures in that quest i have been looking at a great body of work
dont second guess your self what you do is wonderful
and it recharges my batteries i lived in new york
for many years and your work brings beauty and life
to many things that in my days i considered junk.
the grafitti wasnt as good in the fifties,keep it up

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