Chile 1

Chile 1

Chile 1

Buenos dias de Santiago, Chile. I've been down here for about a week, taking a course focusing on Latin American business. Santiago is a rather affluent, metropolitan city, and pretty in a vaguely European sort of way. I've been having a good time, eating a lot of fish and cerviche, riding their spottlessly clean metro, and going to a lot of lectures, company visits, and museums. One downside: it's the height of summer here, and the light is overwhelming most of the day.


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I've been visitting your site for some time now, but never made a comment on it. I'm living off in Brazil, quite a nice place to live, and, am commenting now to advice, if you have some free time, to visit Buenos Aires in Argentina. Even with all its economic downfall, it is still a wonderfall travelling experience.

wow. osama in the flesh. how very.

as for the overwhelming light, i'm crying for you, really.

Osama tattoo guy...can you spell a!@#hole...


Can you spell Pinochet?

he should ask allah to clear up that nasty pimple.

that is one serious stare down he's giving you.

Are u a trust fund baby? All these travellings while being a student? How do you do it?

actually, yes, i am. as many of you already know, i'm heir to the Shweaty Balls confectioners empire.

I was born in Chile (1984, under Pinochet) but was 18 months old when we left and remember nothing about it. Consequently I'm extremely curious around anything that lets me know what kind of place it is. These are great, espcially the first shot - keep the Chile shots coming!

James, maybe you get Jake to give you a quick rundown of the US(CIA) involvement in why your parents chose to leave Chile. Something to do with Alende being 'too' Left Wing for the US's liking....

i'm not sure if that last comment is a criticism of chile, or my visit here, but if it is, it's ridiculous. the country is more democratic than any other in latin america- pinochet's reign of terror was 20 years ago, and widely repudiated within the country- in fact, he's currently about to be put on trial for war crimes. so politics shouldn't stop anyone from visiting the country.

Jak, I was not at all criticising Chile. I have some great friends there. I was criticising the particular US government at the time and that Kissinger dude. I will have to be less diplomatic in future. Mark

(Sorry Jake) Hey, what is wrong with countries not being 'democratic' anyway?! Remember there is democratic and there is democratic.

Jake, James' comment is on the US involvement in the military coup. The US government supported all of the military coups in South America in the 60s and 70s.

They also trained the military at the School of the Americas. It has been shut down in the end of 2000, after decades teaching torture techniques and stuff like that to South American military personnel.

As for your comment of Chile being more democratic than any other in Latin America, it is widely accepted that the title belongs to Brazil. I won't waste your time with the reasons.

Pinochet's reign of terror lasted from 1973 - 1989, so even though he has been out of his job for almost 16 years, there are still a lot of things left from the dictature years. Try to ask anyone who's more than 30 years old about it and you'll be surprised.

Thanks Roberto, we should also be reminded and absolutley horrified at the countries that have protected the perpatrators (spelling) of this very dark period. Hence my democracy remark. Anyway Jake, the Chileans now know how to speak for themselves and who they can trust. It is now a stronger country because of lessons learnt.

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