Chile 3

Chile 3

Chile 3

Chile 3

Over the weekend, we hit the beach in Vina del Mar, which is a beach town a couple of hours from Santiago. We were actually up at Renaca beach, which is a little further up, but it all looked pretty much the same- very steep cliffs, covered in hotels, and a wide sand beach, covered with Chileans. We hung out for about 4 hours- I only sustained a sunburn on my wrist and along the very top of my very large forehead.


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wow--I love the BK store and ads behind the overweight girl in the top photograph...quite a commentary on the global reach of U.S. culture.

I think the photo of the girl in the pink bikini is the more interesting photo; in America, she would be laughed off of the beach, even at her age [maybe 9 yrs old?], but elsewhere, a body is a body. She, her family and friends can rest assured that she won't be tormented by nitpicking nine-year-olds with eating disorders.

What gorgeous skies you've captured here, circ polarizer? And these three also look a little soft, but I think that adds some warmth back into the blue sky dominated shots, even though it's a beach and not -10 degrees like it is here back on the east coast.

Watch out for pick pockets, Jake. Petty crime was rife when I was there a couple of years ago.

Damn, that girl is a lard ass

Wow, Chile Willie. I can't even imagine what you were like as a child, but if you were to ever refer to my children in that manner - or with any similar perjorative that related to something as insignificant as their body size - I would kick your ass.

You should be ashamed of yourself. It's a freaking child.

"Lard ass?" Oh come on, Chile Willie. As Dru says, that is a CHILD. Would you walk up to that child and call her that to her face? Hm... maybe you would.

Insofar as the photos themselves go, I think they're boffo. Wonderful colors, and the topmost photo is my favorite. The girl's swimsuit color dominates the lower half of the frame. Very nice.

Yes that insensitive comment is unbelievable! You know, according to the Tao, there will be three responses to those who hear it. The wise will understand its truth, those along the path will realize some of its truth, and idiots can only laugh! I wonder what conclusion we can draw from those who can see these wonderful photos and only poke fun?

who managed to get that whale into a pink bikini

MAN THE HARPOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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