Chile 8

Chile 8

Chile 8

Chile 8

Most of Santiago appears to have been built sometime in the last year. That may be a bit of an overstatement, but there is a surprising amount of glass on display in the city- lots of vaguely international style buildings. The bright summer light made reflection shots pretty easy to come by- these were the best three that I took over the course of the two weeks.


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i just upgraded to MT3.14, MT-DSBL, etc- I hope it's all working.

so are you that little white speck on the top floor to the right of the two panes of glass that are open and reflecting the sky?

great use of the big images here.

six from the left, seven down.

i love that first photo.

Wow, what an awesome effect. The idea of creating images via reflections is nothing new, but you've done an excellent interpretation of it here, with the emphasis on the gridlines of the windows. It's like a surreal take on the idea of pixelation -- almost like anti-pixelation!

when i first looked at the top photo, i thought you had done something funky in photoshop, until i looked down and realized what it was. that is an awesome shot and the others look really good too.

Super shots... the window washers add a human touch

Really fabulous photos!



Pretty cool.

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