Israel 2

At the Western Wall in Jerusalem

At the Western Wall in Jerusalem

At the Western Wall in Jerusalem

At the Western Wall in Jerusalem

No one has asked why I didn't just go straight to a one-shot format- why I'm continuing to post 1 to 4 shots per day- but I'll tell you anyway. There are really two reasons- the first is that I'm giving myself some time to get used to the new format, building my new process and honing my editing skills. The second is that sets like this one (abstractions, taken around Tel Aviv,) seem to go better as a group. Any one of them might not be strong enough to hold your attention for a day, but as a group I think that they will.


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I dig the new format. very clean.

I didn't know you were going to start doing one pic per day. I'm disappointed. I like the bigger pictures but I am feeling doubtful that one pic per day will hold my interest. It does not seem like enough for me. Maybe if it's a really super fantastic picture to ponder over for awhile...I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The new format looks good. Definitely dig the larger image size.

How did you choose the new photo dimension (750x500px)? I like it. Your photos look even greater at the higher resolution.

Great texture, great pics. Although a bit generic, a great study!

i picked the new dimension (750x450 for the digital rebel pix, a little longer for the g5 pix) because the page was already about 780px wide, and that gives room for the white margins. but i checked on slower.net and 990000.com to see what eliot and red were using, so i wouldn't come out too large.

jake, i like the photo on top.
it reminds me of when i saw Gursky at MoMA back in mid-2001...

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