Israel 4

Israel 4

Israel 4

Israel 4

Israel 4

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city. It feels very Mediterranean, but with a distinct Israeli flavor. I particularly love the beautiful Bauhaus architecture from the mid-century, as well as the older architecture, like the buildings above. I found these shots in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhoods of Neveh Tzedek and Yafo. No matter what your politics or religious affiliation, you should visit Israel at your earliest convenience- check it out. [Unrelated: I've opened up comments again on the current day, so you only need to register with Typekey to comment on the older stuff that often gets spammed. Fire away!]


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was the first shot in yafo? i remember being to a park there that was filled with brides getting their photos taken.

Israel really is a great place to visit. I go every year and never get enough. And the amount of inspiring places to photograph is astounding.

Love the shots of Isreal. Note on the format...Todays series are the first that I felt matched the format as far as content and size.

Excellent! I'm really liking this new format. Were these taken with the 20D or the 300D?

i agree. israel is a must. great shots (as always) and teh new format is good.


jake, what's with that couple in the first shot? Are they posing for a glossy magazine or did you get incredibly lucky? Or are they just incredibly full of themselves...

Great Israel shots.

nice set

i think they were posing for either a wedding dress advertisement or for their own wedding shots- but i got the sense it was for advertising.

>> i think they were posing for either a wedding dress advertisement or for their own wedding shots

Ah, so either way, they're incredibly full of themselves. I love that cat.

That first photo is just so classic and original, and such a contrast of textures.

In Israel it is customary for couples to create wedding videos that mimic dramatic advertisements.
This is usually done in the area of Neve Tzedek where I presume that this was filmed.
BTW – it was great having you visit Jake, next time you should come for a longer period.
Keep in touch.

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