I've been taking a lot of reflections shots this week- it's pretty easy with all the melting snow around. The key, it seems, to a good reflection shot is a fairly neutral street pattern, and bright light on whatever is being reflected. Of course, you can get away without that if you've got Photoshop- because curves brings out the contrast in even the most gray of shots. [Unrelated: like you and everyone else in New York, I will be in Central Park for the next couple of weeks shooting the gates.]


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Very nice

I've always been a fan of the partial reflection within a street puddle shot. It just looks like a pool of mercury was poured onto the street and you're seeing a vision or something.

Have fun with the Gates. It should be a blast. Not a big fan of Christo's work myself.

That second one is exciting.

wow the third one's architecture is beautiful and against the cobblestone street...nice touch.

really nice series of shots. You're so lucky going to shoot teh gates, I wish I could shoot nyc never mind that, it looks amazing. I was planning on shooting it slow-sync flash at f29 during sunset... would look lush but since I can't do it theres an idea for a shot if you run out of them

I love the last shot - It's like a collage, so rich in texture and fine in detail.

I love the way that the water makes the buildings look like they were painted. the first one is especially spectacular in that regard.

Hey, Im an art student and i was just curious if I could paint the last photo. I completely understand if you dont want me to, but please get back to me.

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