The Gates 3

The Gates 3

The Gates 3

The Gates 3

The Gates 3

Last night we had a little shooting party up in Central Park- about 8 photographers came through. It was a beautiful night for photography- warm, totally quiet, and clear. My favorite shots were taken on the Great Lawn, from Belvedere Castle, down by the the Lake, and at that little pond near the Southeast corner of the park. [If you were there last night, put up your images and trackback to this post!]


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Thanks for getting this together. It was a good time. Here are 4 of mine: http://www.aboutmattlaw.com/p/?image=DSC_1148

The first pic, the one with the bridge, is a great shot...so much to look at....thanks!

These are absolutely beautiful. My tripod broke; I'm due for a new one. I still hate the gates, though. They make the park look like it's under construction.

Great shots man. They all have a very dreamy quality to them. Love that second shot with the light trails in the sky.

the second is breathtaking, so magical.

Great shots - all very nice. What camera do you use?

i'm not a fan of the gates either, but if it gets cold photobloggers outside and shooting in the dreary cold of mid-february, then so be it. i think they ruin #2.

its looks enchanted

that 1st photo is so close to being exactly like the photo in your about section. but it's close enough.

Thanks Jake. It was fun. Maybe next time I'll be able to keep up.

Sorry I couldn't make it... they weren't letting me that far away from a computer last night. Let me know if you're rolling through the park this weekend, my tripod is dying to get out there again.

These shots are beautiful. All you NYC photobloggers are really making me miss home.

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