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The first one (stonework detail) is probably my favorite shot of the gates so far.

I've never seen something go from an immature subject to a mature one this fast in my life... in a week we're at a point where you can make a sideways reference to the gates in a photo, and people know what you mean. Amazing.

Snow this morning is nice, but the crowds had already trampled it by 10 AM. North end of the park might be better.


I know that in an earlier post, you asked for criticism instead of simple praise, but all I can say is: WOW!


let me know if you do the nothern part of the park, it's kind of my hood. I think we may be able to get some cool shoots painting with light.


Not quite sure about the orange curtain by itself. Great color, but not that interesting.
The bottom "Reflection" photo is my favorite. It would be great, broken slightly, into thirds.


I find these photos more interesting than others because the gates are distorted or cropped almost completely. Instead of documenting the gates (boring), these photos show your personal perspective. The last reflection photo would be great if the window frames were all in line.


Great job getting some interesting shots of an over-photographed subject. I'd like the third one better if that light (or whatever it is up at the top) was cropped or PS'd out.


I do love all of those pictures, they really move me.

Keep on the good job and thank you for sharing.

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