Tribeca 5

Tribeca 5

Tribeca 5

Tribeca 5

Tribeca 5

A couple of nights ago I met up with Mike in Tribeca, and we walked north along the west side of the neighborhood. It was a perfect night for shooting- warm, a little cloudy, and totally quiet. I was shooting with the TS lens on full tilt- I like the slightly dreamy effect it gives to these pictures. If you look closely, you can see that the axis of focus in each image is perfectly crisp. [Unrelated: Perhaps I wasn't obvious enough in my plea for you to vote in this year's photobloggies. Vote for Bluejake! Vote for the other NYC Blogs! Otherwise the Photobloggers Cup will once again be taken back to Toronto! Ok, there isn't really a Photobloggers Cup, but the rest is true.]


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The focus effect works well in #2 and #3, where the area of sharp focus corresponds to a part of the building that should naturally be in focus (the wooden doors and faded corner lettering, respectively). The others don't quite work for me. Mine are here: http://www.satanslaundromat.com/sl/archives/000487.html

Very good shots, I love the style and the colors. Very nice site, too. Thank you!

The shallow focus (and lack of people) makes it look more like you've photographed a scale model of Tribeca, rather than the real thing. It's a neat effect.

Yeah, Matt, we weren't going to tell anybody, but these are actually photos of that diorama in the Queens Museum.

i voted.
i live thru your pictures:-)

what time did you take these shots? it gets so dark so early and so quickly.

These are fantastic, otherworldly light, a feel of industrial isolation. I don't know much about photography, and yet I know good photography when I see it...

I like 1 and 3. Good stuff.

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