If you don't bring up those lonely parts this could be a good time

those lonely parts

those lonely parts

those lonely parts

In order: the far West Side in the 30s, Prospect Park on a rainy day, and somewhere in North Jersey along the railtracks. [Unrelated: I will be in New Orleans this weekend- if you know good places to shoot, or want to meet up, let me know.]


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have fun! i'm holding you partially responsible for bringing my boy home in one piece.

#1 has a nice mood, b&w would enhance that...
Talk about oversaturation on #2!
#3 is good, but the skies can be brought out more....
keep up the good work!

NOLA - hit the bywater at sunset.

I live in New Orleans

You Should definitely visit The Esplanade Ridge Area
lots of great houses and the horse race track is in the area.

Thanks For all the great Pictures!

Nice shots.

interpol lyrics?

you know it, baby.

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