A Mural in the Notary District

I love patriotic murals, even though I'm not patriotic. It's not that I have anything against our country-- I think it's a wonderful place. It's just that patriotism usually goes along with a kind of blind boosterism, and I'm offended by stupidity-- "my country, right or wrong" never really made sense to me. Five years ago I watched the Twin Towers collapse from the roof of our building on Thompson Street. That meant something to me, but it didn't make me want to go out and join the marines, or take pictures of bald eagles. Still, I'm fascinated by people who did react like that-- who find comfort in these symbols. And I suppose I envy them in some way.


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My friend lives in that building! It's really easy for him to give directions to his house: "Get off at Smith and Ninth Street. Look for giant eagle."

I like the new designation of the notary district. That neighborhood has needed a name for a long time, and SoFo just wasn't cutting it.

don't miss the spider

There's a song by Steven Van Zandt that goes "I am a patriot / I love my country / cause my country is all I know." Growing up near the city and living though 9/11 downtown, most of my patriotism is for the city, not the country. It's all I know. I've never spent more than 7 consecutive days on the mainland United States, and I've certainly never seen a bald eagle.

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