Looking Northeast from the Roof of the Batcave

The Batcave is an abandoned power substation in Gowanus, near the Third Street bridge. Inside the place is completely trashed-- squatters had occupied it until recently, when they were evicted by developers who are converting the entire block into a luxury housing development. That hasn't gotten started yet, so right now the place is empty, and filled with graffiti and trash. From the roof, there's a panoramic view of most of Brownstone Brooklyn. [Related: Sam has a couple of more pix from the roof. If you want to take a peek inside the building, some photos are up on Streetsy, and on Gowanus' photostream on Flickr.]

Unrelated: Metro has a short piece about Bluejake today. The best of 2006 post they mention can be found here. Welcome, local visitors!


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Excellent, expansive photo. The triple towers of Wyckoff Gardens looks so imposing from here. In five years, this will be reminder of what Brooklyn looked like when the Williamsburgh Savings Bank was the tallest building downtown.

You can almost see my house, it's just off to the left a little bit. : )

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