Three Views of the Port of New York Grain Terminal

There is a large, abandoned Grain Terminal at the edge of Red Hook. The hulking concrete building has always held a certain sway over me-- it's sheer mass, lording over the ball fields off Columbia Street, is hard to ignore. Inside the place is enormous and utterly silent-- there are two large rooms, and staircases and grain tubes that snake up the full height of the building. On the intermediate floors, there are all sorts of half-open rooms filled with pigeon shit and graffiti. High above everything is the roof of the tallest tower--a perfect place to stare down at South Brooklyn, half asleep in the fog.


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I love these pictures, especially the light sources. They remind me of some of your much earlier works. I think I like them because the light makes a personal connection. They are amazing.

Wow, wow, wow. I can't tell you how many times I have circled the perimeter of that building, looking for a way in. Great shots! #2 is especially cool.

ooh! i snuck in here last spring and it was so spooky beautiful!!!



this was so fun. i'll get my pics up tonight, including that one of you dangling over the water...

Grainelevators are something special to me after 12 years working in one of them in Windsor, ON.


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