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Last night I went over to Bushwick for an art benefit. I saw this building a little ways off Bogart Street, not far from the Morgan Street stop on the L. I've been experimenting with two mini-tripods for night shots like this one. Both are sold by Photojojo. This one was taken with the Monsterpod, which has a hemispherical base filled with silly-putty like goo. It's pretty good for sticking to things, but can be hard to position, since the ball-head only has a limited tilt-range. It is, however, small enough to stick in a jacket, and even with the cover on, makes a solid base for a mini-camera, like my Canon SD-550. The other tripod is called the GorillaPod, and I actually prefer it. The legs are multiple jointed, and you can squeeze them into just about any position. That makes the Gorilla more maneuverable, and a better choice for night missions. I use the larger of the two sizes, however-- and that's a little too big to stick in a coat pocket. The smaller size might be a better choice, but I can't report on how well it works.

Unrelated: I've been curating a cat blog at Vox.


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cat blog!! i see how you spend your free time.

hey "blue jake"
i heard about you through one of your pix that was in the free metro newspaper. i have to say, you take some really amazing photographs. i was wondering if you could help me. i'm looking for an affordable digital camera that's easy to use. i know you probably use professional ones, but i'm just looking for a no hassle point and shoot. i was thinking of getting the newest sony cybershot. any brand you prefer better? well, please let me know. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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