Greenpoint Terminal Market in Winter






Greetings from the Narita International Airport outside Tokyo. It's 3am New York Time-- we're about to board another flight to Saigon. Current projection is twenty-six hours door-to-door. Special note for Apple Computer: fuck you for requiring internet authorization for iTunes purchases. I downloaded nine episodes of 24 Season Six last night-- and paid for them! And then on the flight to Tokyo, I'm all set for like five hours of Jack Bauer, and this message comes up asking for my username and password to authorize the files to play. Well, guess what? No internet access on Japan Air. So no 24. How is that a reasonable use of DRM? Shouldn't there be a way to at least temporarily authorize files for playback for just that case? And honestly, if I bought the files yesterday, how are they not automatically authorized to play on this computer?


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The wide angle views are great, but you get a really good sense of the peril from the interior views. Nice job.

wow. i used to love to ride my motorcycle under that skybridge and hear the sound booming off the walls on either side...

Check out this guy's photos


He has some work at the Humble Arts foundation at the moment I think..

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