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running kid, bird taking off, good catch!


Just beautiful! The shadow of the bird is stunning!


Hey, that's my 'hood! I walk down that street almost every single day.

I agree with Sonia...the shadow of the bird really kills me.

Philip Ashlock

Each element in this photo is perfectly spaced to create an infinite circular rhythm for the eye. The directional motion of everything propels the eyes in a mesmerizing clockwise spin. The residual motion from the firebox impact to the pigeon's shadow, the pigeon itself, the direction of the boy running, the one way sign arrow, and the perfect split between light/dark sides of the building bring you back to the firebox and more directional arrows on the street. The inside of the circle is near perfect geometry: two quarters and half the pie. Wonderful.


La belleza de un momento en el tiempo...más
allá de clichés.

Baltazar Ray

"The Decisive Moment"
You are never home, aren't you?
Great photos btw--it's addicting!

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