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I've never seen that Frank Gehry building from that side--I only ever see it from the West Side Highway. That's quite the juxtaposition with that old building. I don't even like the Gehry building, even though everyone else does.


Ianqui, you're not the only one. I hate that building.


I think it looks like gelled hair. I still like it. The High Line is going to be awesome when it's done.

Scott Johnson

I've been wanting to visit the highline for a while now, but I would totally go just for the Gehry building. I didn't even know it was there until I saw this pic. Nice shots!


wow. that Gehry building is atrocious.


great shots, i'm looking forward to the highline's debut -- how'd you get up there while it's still under construction? i went snooping up around the north end of it and didn't see any ways up...


those "wildflowers" are in fact wild chives...yum.

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