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Williamsburg Realty


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My theory is that it's all going way too fast -- there's no longer an artist cycle. We're going from poor/working class straight to wealthy. Someone recently told me that East New York is getting expensive. Holy shit.

I'd agree with Joel that it's happening much quicker than before. But that's sort of a testament to the rejuvenation of the city in general, the general growth of our population and slowing down of sprawl (it might not seem like that, though.) Oh and an end to serious rent control in the 1980s.

But you left out one step -- the Gays. The artists/lower class gays (outsiders, but well educated and "productive" outsiders) move in and then are followed by the middle class Gays. This has been happening for at least 60 years. (To think the Hamptons and Provincetown were failed resort/farm areas from the 19th century and were populated by artists and then the gays beginning around WWII. Now try buying there.)

The question is whether cities will stand up to make sure the economic mix stands (through a form rent control, access to health care and homes for the middle class) and also to assure that the permissiveness of the city is still part of the mix.

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