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Jorge Quinteros

Photos inside the place look great. Can anyone just enter and visit or do you get VIP access?


I worked there for 30 years the place looks really bad. How did you guys get in.


...your eye for detail is unbelieveable...the camera work is..."WOW"...it's like looking at a motion picture while the camera pans in and around the subject matter...you're doing it "bluejake"...

Salvatore Governale

i have to say the photos of the Domino Sugar factory brings back to me a time and place of how fucked workers got when the managment team took off and just left workers high and dry, i interviewed one of the old workers, and he told me things that would make your head spin about the place, and workers etc. it reminds me of that song from Marvin Gay "mercy me" as i take the train over the williamsburg bridge,,,,,,god i miss those days. and to all of the old spirts that dies on the job there years ago, and to the living, i commend you for your hard work and efforts, and just know that any company can fuck the employees, so please sleep at ease, for the gods will judge, who has done bad to the good

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