Looking West from a Rooftop in DUMBO

Looking West from a Rooftop in DUMBO

I've learned a few things about taking rooftop pictures in New York. The easiest way to get up is to have a friend in the building (in the absence of a friend, simply walking in usually works-- it pays to be friendly, reasonably well-dressed, and armed with a cover story.) Once in, take the elevator to the top floor, and find the nearest stairwell. Most staircases in New York terminate at the roof, and the fire department requires that they be kept unlocked. Often they'll be one of those panic bar assemblies-- ignore them. 99% of the time they are turned off. Don't touch the panic bar-- just turn the doorknob and walk out on to the roof. I recommend timing your visit early or late in the day to get the best light.


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don't forget to have something to prop the door open with if need be. getting stuck on a strangers roof is never fun.

I've always wanted to photograph a friend on a Brooklyn rooftop but never really new how to go about it. Do you recommend the latter method? If so, where exactly is this, if you don't mind me asking. Great photo by the way!

Very nice location .I'm an European photographer and almost in New York for 10 days .I want to make a shot there with a model .Is it possible that someone could arrange that for me ?Maybe there is small budget for it .
Kind regards,

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