Remains of the Beach Russ Building

Remains of the Beach Russ Building

For the last few weeks, a crew has been demolishing the Beach Russ Building on Union Avenue in Williamsburg. I tried to get in a couple of times, but it was locked up pretty tight, and when I got back to the neighborhood yesterday, the entire thing had vanished. Nicole, a very nice Bluejake reader who lives next door, invited Sam and me up to her roof to take some pictures of the destruction. It's hard to believe such a large building could just disappear so quickly-- and contemplating the "luxury" glass condo that's going up in its place just makes me want to puke. Is this really the New York that anyone wants to live in?

Related: an opposite view, looking towards the roof where I took the shot above.


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shannan loved that building. she thought it was barn-like.

i think they've torn down part of the building that used to have those stick-figure like people throwing a ball on it too. you had a picture of that at some point.

I never thought of the "is this the kind of city we want to live in?" debate happening in New York City, but now I realize that was naive. We have that conversation all the time in Houston and sadly it doesn't seem that we are able to stop the cookie cutter condos from appearing all over town.

The place could use some new buildings. God forbid that people like you would have their way - we'd be living in caves. Your nostalgia is misplaced.

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