Maspeth Tracks in the Rain

Maspeth Tracks in the Rain

Here's a shot from the abandoned train hike on Saturday-- this is at the Bushwick Junction, looking West towards the city. I would advise caution exploring this area alone-- while the Bushwick tracks appear quite unused, with large, abandoned freights parked along both tracks, the Long Island City tracks are still occasionally trafficked-- as we discovered when a Metro North locomotive suddenly barreled out of the fog at us, horns blasting.

Here are some things I saw abandoned by the tracks: a dead chicken, a Vespa.

Unrelated: don't forget-- tonight is NYCPB10: the last NYCPB event at the Apple Store SoHo! It starts at 6:30.


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i wish i could just walk down the train tracks of new york you are so luck i am returning soon i come every year i just love the city so much and i really love your pictures and they way they capture the hektic real side of new york and i especially like this one

how did you get onto these tracks! i live in NYC and i've been meaning to find a place like this for my photography!

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