Novelty Court

Novelty Court

I like buildings with amusing or mysterious names. Can you imagine a building going up now with a name like "Novelty Court"? Of course not-- all the new towers in Williamsburg have stupidly straightforward monikers like "20 Bayard" or "80 Metropolitan" or "McCarren Park Estates". I think that the developers need to try a little harder!

Bonus: I'd like to start a brickwork appreciation club-- see more examples here and here.


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"Oh man! I have to go to Novelty Court tomorrow for wearing a squirting bow tie."
"That sucks. I heard Bob get sentenced to hard time with a Rubick's cube."

The thought of novelty court is pretty funny to me.

Novelty Court (778 Driggs Ave) is where NYC cop and detective Frank Serpico was shot in 1971 while working on a drug bust. Serpico was a whistleblower who refused to take payoffs from criminals and uncovered rampant corruption in the NYPD. He was portrayed by Al Pacino in the 1973 movie 'Serpico'.


Oh!God what a great site!

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