St. Saviours

St. Saviours

From Queens' Crap, in regard to a recent Bluejake shot:

Read what happens when Manhattan children of privilege decide to spend the day slumming it in Long Island City and "Masbeth"... They didn't even notice what is across the street from the Clinton Diner.

Dear "Crappy":

I'm impressed by the number of errors you managed to pack into two sentences--

1. "Manhattan children of privilege" -- try "Brooklyn children of the barely middle class"
2. "slumming it" -- We were there to photograph, not to hang out-- and it's harder work than you might think.
3. "didn't even notice" -- we're familiar with the St. Saviour's story, through our connection with Kevin Walsh and Forgotten NY. As evidence, I provide you the exclusive, never-before-seen shot, above.

The "Masbeth" typo was an honest mistake-- I'm a poor speller.



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It is amazing the amount of hate on that site you have spawned. I for one, think you do a very good job of documenting the city, and finding parts of it that have been seen very little. Everyone's Gentrification alert level is set high these days, and the tone of that blog is antagonistic anyway.

As a huge generality, I find people move to queens to protect what they have, Some of the most Closed minded people I have ever met have been from Queens. On the other hand they have the most diverse place in the world. Those people are not posting comments.

Stay loose and open, keep shooting, the rest of us who enjoy New York in all its different forms, enjoy you showing it.

Jake, I believe what bothered the QC folks was your phrase: "hellish maze of expressways, cemeteries, and industrial parks", as well as the misspelling of Maspeth, since repaired.

I'm sure you wouldn't want the word "hellish" used to describe your neighborhood, and neither did they.

I'm just sayin.'


As one who was forced to live in Queens, specifically Maspeth, for 15 years, I need to tell it like it is: Queens is a DUMP! And Maspeth is the worst. It is full of ignorant people. Of course not all of them, only most of them.

Great St. Saviour's shot.

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