A Girl and her Father in Prospect Park

A Girl and her Father in Prospect Park

One day back when I was ten or eleven, I was dirt-biking in Prospect Park with a friend. We were racing around the hills that border the Long Meadow, and coming around a tree, I ran right over a little girl who was playing near her parents. I'm pretty sure I broke her arm. Her father sprinted over and started screaming, and I was so scared that I jumped right back on my bike and rode straight out of the park. I didn't tell anyone what happened, and of course, I felt guilty about the whole thing for years.

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I wish you would come up and see Hamlet in Ft. Tryon Park, free, before we're done next wek. My company does free classical plays and they move around public spaces in a particular way that I thought up, back in '89. I think we need to move into some of the secret, run-down places and create shows there. I need help finding the right spots.

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