Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal

On Saturday Sam and I went down to Sunset Park to explore the docks. There's some great old buildings down off First Avenue, but unfortunately, most of it is behind the fences of the various industrial yards that dominate the waterfront. At one point, trying to shoot inside an abandoned steam plant, we were caught by one of the groundskeepers and nicely escorted off the premises. Bummed out, we made our way down to the Brooklyn Army Terminal, where we thought there might be an Open House New York Tour. Turns out we had missed both of the tours, but a nice security guard let us in, and we were able to spend a couple of hours roaming around inside the complex. This shot comes from the main hall, a massive space with two train tracks running down the middle of it.


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Jayzus! What a shot.

It's interesting that the guard let you in - I've tried to go in on the weekends and take pictures, only to be turned away. You and Sam must be real smooth talkers.

nice treatment of this one - took me a sec to figure out what you had done to it. tricky.

that was how it came out of the camera-- upside down!

Both shots are great, but I like the "Greater North Bay" one even more. I have been enjoying your shots for quite awhile and also appreciate the commentary.

What a surreal shot. What are those terrace-like overhangs? I've gotten in to the Brooklyn Navy Yard before, but I'll have to check out this place!

I love this place. I was here about two years ago, and couldn't believe a place this strange existed here in NYC. It looks so Blade Runner to me. Cass Gilbert designed. The BAT is also where Elvis, along with most of the troops going to WWII from the States were shipped out from. As for the terraces, a large crane ran along the glass ceiling of this atrium, unloading freight from the trains that ran into this building directly into balcony. That's why they are staggered just so. And of course my camera battery was dead that day, ugh! Must get back!

Blade Runner! That's what I always thought too. And even though picture-taking is prohibited (usually) I would think you could walk in if you wanted to.

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