From a Building on Eldridge Street, Facing Southeast

From a Building on Eldridge Street, Facing Southeast

To get this shot, I had to climb ten stories up through the dank and unlit stairwell of a building on Eldridge Street. The building was full of sweatshops, and a few were open, despite it being a Sunday. Peeking in through the wire-gates blocking the doorways, you'd see three dozen Chinese women sewing clothes. By the seventh floor, the stairwell started to get brighter, and at the roof, I stumbled out into beautiful late afternoon light. I was so winded that I had to lie down, flat on my back, for about ten minutes, staring up at the sky.

Related: a similar view from across the river, a panoramic version of the shot above, and an unused shot from the roof of another tall building, south of the Bridge. Also, a shot on Hester that I think I took the same day.


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