A Tree in Central Park

A Tree in Central Park

Karen had to go to Los Angeles unexpectedly on Saturday, so I found myself with a whole day to myself and nothing much to do. The Guggenheim was having a early-century European photography show, so I hit that, but it was a let-down-- lots of photograms and collage, not much landscape or good portraiture. But on the way home, I walked through Central Park-- the weather was beautiful and I found myself in a surprisingly good mood.


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Hello Jake,
We are working on a pro bono project for Central Park and would love to use your image. Would you be able to tell us if you have the original at a higher resolution and if you would consider donating it with credits of course to a positive cause/event for central park this summer?

Thanks so very much for your time. You take some great photos.

-michael ferrare

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