Glenwood Power Station

Glenwood Power Station

Glenwood Power Station

Glenwood Power Station

Glenwood Power Station

The Brooklyn Decay Crew took a rare out-of-town trip this morning to Yonkers, just north of the Bronx. We were there to examine the ruins of a large, abandoned New York Central Rail power station: three buildings, connected by catwalks and half-collapsed stairwells. The complex was built in 1906, and abandoned in 1963. The central turbine building was the show-stopper-- it had an almost cathedral-like quality, which is not surprising, since it was designed by Reed & Stem, the same firm that worked on Grand Central Station. Wandering around the rest of the site, Sam and I talked about what a waste it all was-- how such beautiful buildings could be allowed to sit vacant when they could be used for so much more.

Some truly bizarre plans for redeveloping the site
Sam's pix from Yonkers
Nate's shots from Yonkers


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very cool

Superfund, baby. No one wants to touch sites like this with a ten foot poll when they'll be responsible for any potential contaminants anyone might ever find there. Welcome to the problems of Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley. Only ridiculously high land values or subsidies can get around these road blocks.

Pardon me for ranting without saying so, but those really are fantastic pictures. Bravo.

Your site is perfectly. I really appreciate it! I'll come to you once again. Thank you!

I have been facinated by this building for the last 20 years - I used to hang out in the parking lot next to it. I thank god that there are people like you who aren't afraid to go in a place like this and photograph it, so I can live vicariously through you! The thing really creeps me out!! Thanks for posting these pics (four years ago - I guess I'm a little late to the party LOL)

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