Gowanus Cement Plant

Gowanus Cement Plant

Karen is in Los Angeles for the week, so I spent Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with my parents. On the way over to Park Slope, I killed a couple of hours enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and strange Autumn light-- first in Prospect Park, and later, in Gowanus. On the way back to the train, I snapped this shot on 4th Street looking back towards the canal-- I'm pretty sure Joe took the exact same shot (in the exact same light) about two years ago, but I couldn't find the picture on his site. Related: another shot from the same day-- I really liked this light.


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I couldn't find it either, Jake. But oddly, I have a shot of this plant lined up to show some time this week on joe's (probably Tuesday).


this is why you need to add tags to each picture, joe!

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