At the Front of the JMZ

At the Front of the JMZ

I wish more subways had windows at the front of the first car-- or better yet, an open air observation deck, like they have on the prow of a ship. Sadly, most of the newer trains seem to have a full-width cab blocking the view-- or those weird black stickers over the front window. What's the point of that?


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wow! youre photographs are really breathtaking! make me want to:
a) change my wallpaper every update
b) get a camera and start taking my own photos
c) go to new york

thx for the inspiration!

what's with the banner ad?

if you don't like capitalism, sam, you should just move back to russia! pinko!

At the back of the JMZ

I love this view going over the bridge. I agree about the weird black stickers over the end-car windows, I'd like to know why they're there.

way to sell out with the ads, jake.

what happened to the revolution you wanted?

Jake you're turning into a foamer...just like...


"The most widely used term is foamer, which may have been first used by Amtrak employees to refer to rail fans who grew so excited when looking at trains they seemed to foam at the mouth."


Go to Copenhagen! They have a metro with windows in the front.

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