Williamsburgh Savings Bank / South Bronx Tree

Williamsburgh Savings Bank / South Bronx Tree

When I was about six, my dad took me to see an old dentist who worked in the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. Once I was in the chair, the dentist pointed up at the ceiling, to a discolored spot that had probably been left by a water leak. "You see that spot? Your friend Adam was in here last week-- and that's where he hit the ceiling." Adam was the kind of kid who would hit the ceiling if someone tried to drill his teeth, and at that age, I had no sense of sarcasm, so I took him seriously. Obviously, after that it was a pretty unpleasant visit, and I never went back.


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a while back you commented on medium format vis a vie photobloggers. i'd love to see you post some new work in medium format b&w and 4x5 chromes. do you think you could bless us with some "art photographer" images? cheers. ps. please advise if you accept "walk-ons" when you go out shooting. jaeone. info@kingzcourt.com

i'd love to, jaeone-- can you spot me like $16k for one of each? or just cut out the middle man and send me these two: linhof 4x5 and hasselblad h2

Tree rules!
I can feel the breeze!
Then the light on trees is so much more beautiful than on other things :)
Danx from Italy

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