Saha in Front of a Brokedown Wall

Saha in Front of a Brokedown Wall


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I did sign up for some sort of photoblog aggregator at some point, but it was just terrible. I discovered maybe three cool sites and waded through hundreds of terrible posts to get there.

Taking a look at my feed reader, the two really indispensable sites I check every day are Conscientious and Flak Photo. Between those two, I generally get a good amount of exposure to new artists and ideas every day.

My other trick for finding new work is subscribing to some of my favorite Flickr photographers' favorites RSS feed. I've been using that and vi.sualize.us (my feed is http://vi.sualize.us/dalton/) to bookmark some favorite photos from around the web. You could find a few people with interesting taste on either of those sites to track and get a healthy dose of new work every day.

Good shot!

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