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Peter from Denmark

I love your pictures and use bluejake as my home page.

One thing; I can only see one pic when entering your page. To see the multiple pics on todays page I have to go to another page and then press "back". Weird!


you can also click the "more pictures" under the main picture on the front page!


Beautiful! Wish I'd gone Saturday.


I love the interior shots - abandoned buildings are incredibly interesting and fun to shoot. Hope to cross the river and catch your show, as well - looks good!


I was there too on Sunday, great shots!


Tremendous images. I've included your blog in a recent posting "20 Awesome Photoblogs - New York City". Check it out when you have a moment. Best of luck and keep up the great work!


Thanks for the insight into this restricted area. I've also been dying to see the inside of the Admiral's Row mansions near there. Keep up the good work.

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