Waiting to Cross Wilshire

Waiting to Cross Wilshire

One of my favorite parts of LA is the drive from Beverly Hills to downtown on Wilshire. After you pass the museum and a mile or two of undistinguished office buildings, you start to see all these beautiful semi-rundown buildings. Lots of art-deco office towers and old hotels that have been converted into apartments, and some pretty newer buildings, like this one.

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Wow, the clear blue sky & strange colours on the building make this look like it's a surreal kind of architect's drawing from the future- it doesn't look real!

sad comment: i looked at the buildings for two secs before seeing the Coffee Bean. Completely distracted, my heart skipped a beat for the yummy.

i just made this the background on my computer. freaking awesome.

I'm an architecture nut - great shot - awesome color!

This building is needlessly disliked by people here in LA. I think it comes from its restrained and minimalist architecture which seems to evoke Northern Europe. The side art is a great contrast to the rest of the structure.

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