Strange Light in Dumbo

Strange Light in Dumbo

The days are getting shorter, and it's mostly dark before I can get out of the office, so I've had to grab pictures where I can. Like this one, from the roof of Gothamist HQ, on a cloudy day last week.


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great shot...

Lovely how the sunlight lights up the only bit of green space in this urban environment.

The green space underneath the bridge looks like it's own little world or something (where the hobbits live, under the bridge?) because the bridge looks so massive. It's an impressive pic. I like it a lot.

This photo is proof once again of your incredible artistic talent. This is an absolutely amazing photograph!

an amazing picture - reminiscent of 17th cent. Dutch landscape (Art van der Neer comes to mind) appropriately set aginst the backdrop of Lower Manhattan

Just came across your blog today. I have been enjoying your pictures and style from the most recent backward. Thus far this is my favourite. The bridge, in concert with the sky, conspire to hold everything down; the skyline the water the dark buildings in the foreground. But this little patch of green resists, pushes back...the little engine that could, I don't know, but I like it. I see HOPE in this picture. I really enjoy your work.

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