Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights

Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights

We usually have Christmas dinner at my parents house, but this year we went over to one of their friend's places in the Slope. It was a rollicking dinner party, and by the time it let out it was 11PM and I'd had two or three bottles of wine. So rather than the extended walk through Dyker Heights for the Christmas decorations, I elected to shoot a couple of dozen from the window of the moving car. Then I put them together in Photoshop. Related: another composition.


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When I have seen some of the images created by Jake, my first impression was “This is simply unbelievable!!!” It is really very special when the artist is trying to understand and even to change this World (at least in his mind). Although hundred and hundred artists already done such job, the irony of the Art that everybody needs to make it again. The artist and his creations are in some sense a new small Universe. My guess that God is somewhere around, when the artist creates such images. This is very different from scientific approaches, although some technology has been applied to the contemporary art. But who really knows what the Truth is.
Vlad. Ivanov, Ph.D. D.Sc.

Jake, I have no idea how you're able to get something like this out of a bunch of photos, but keep doing it. This is far better than the Christmas lights would have been.

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