U-Haul in Flushing

U-Haul in Flushing

This is looking East across Flushing Creek, from the fairly inaccessible shoreline under the Van Wyck Expressway. To get there, you have to walk down to the end of an industrial alley in Willet's Point, cross under the low-hanging roadbed (being careful to avoid some ugly, three-foot deep mud.) But once you get out there, it's all fairly serene, and you get this nice view of the U-Haul bell-tower across the way.


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Wow. This reminds me of back home, strangely - the color scheme is so familiar as if it were taken from classical Russian paintings.

Hi Jake. I've been enjoying your site for a year or so but haven't commented before. Most waterfront areas in NY are inaccessible. I appreciate your braving them for us. :)

I'm guessing that they were replanting the marshlands over there... thats usually what all those little sticks and tags are for... though the water was still crazy polluted!

Thanks for making the trek out to capture this, Jake. Wonderful?

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