Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk

Yesterday I went back to Coney Island, even though we were just there a couple of weeks ago. I didn't really have anything better to do on a Sunday, and the weather was right for a long walk by the ocean. I ended up at the end of the fishing pier, where old Russian guys were bundled up next to their poles. Then Nate arrived, and we explored the area under the Boardwalk-- a hidden catacomb of homeless encampments, abandoned furniture, and stray cats. Climbing back out on to the beach, the sky seemed impossibly bright.

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Nice shots! It never occurred to me to try to explore around under there. It does seem like it'd be the most doable in the off-season. Good stuff.

very nice. I like the repeating pattern.

The boardwalk underneath housed shops, bars and other establishments until they plowed the plowed the sand in underneath (1979). Ruby's use to be a 2 floor bar - you could walk straight into Ruby's under the boardwalk or above. The bar has been closed off for 40 years now. It's pretty neat underneath with the bar - stools, signs - the original grill etc untouched.

Oh hot -- you went to the Underwood Hotel with Nate!

Amazing what you can find off the beaten path, huh? Love the pics. I've never been there before. Maybe someday I'll get up there. Thanks for the look at something I might not have gotten to see.

Great....it's a really amazing effect, just some wood and a cool game between light and shadow!

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