A Small Building in Red Hook

A Small Building in Red Hook

I think that this small building is in Red Hook. The thing about film is that you end up carrying the film around for awhile, and then you have to take it in and get it processed, and by the time it comes back and you get a chance to look at it, a month has gone by and you can't remember where the pictures were taken.


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Sometimes I wish I had a film scanner, because these scans that you get from Kodak or CVS are so low-res. But in this case, I think the grain and weird contrast go well with the picture. And anyway, a scanner costs like $500, and then I'd have to explain to Karen what it was doing on my desk.

i can totally relate. i have film from october that i STILL haven't gotten processed. how embarrassing!! but the color on the photo is actually really beautiful. i guess CVS isn't THAT bad.

Jake, is this a scan from CVS? or was the film just processed there. Either way, lovely image.

I hear you. That's why I carry a notebook around with me now.

There are a lot of interesting textures here, and I always like a photo with power lines. Nice shot.

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