An Abandoned Ballroom in Harlem

An Abandoned Ballroom in Harlem

I went up to MCNY last week to check out Ray Mortenson's Broken Glass show-- pictures from the South Bronx circa 1982-1984. Back then every building was abandoned or burning, and documenting the ruins must have felt like an important social project. Fast forward twenty-five years, and abandoned buildings have become an almost extinct species-- demolished or developed as the waves of gentrification rolled far back into each borough. Of course, there are still pockets of decay-- yesterday we saw five or ten empty buildings all within a short walk of the 137th Street station. I wonder what happens now that the real estate bubble has popped-- does the balance tilt back towards the ruins?


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Not that abandoned if the lights were on. Gorgeous though.

no, it was totally dark-- no electricity. this is a thirty second exposure, and the light is coming through cracks in the boarded-up windows.

anzi: stupenda
si riesce quasi a sentire il profumo placido che aleggia nella stanza...

Nice shot! I don't think any of mine will look this good... shoulda brought a tripod!

..."YEAH"...damn that's good work...

This is an amazing picture. I love it. Your adventures are an inspiration.

Interesting picture.

This is the Renaissance Theater and Ballroom, we checked it out in November 2007, there was a theater just next to it which was being demolished. I'm surprised the ballroom still standing.

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