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What a find. These are stunning.

James Reeves

Incredible shots. And you were able to just wander inside?

Nate K

Fantastic photos, Jake! Well done.

Greg Schmigel

This series from the abandoned school is incredible! Thanks for sharing.




these pics are tight bro.

I live out here in SF.. check out some local UrbEx stuff I've done:



The one with the cursive alphabet is my favorite.


amazing stuff! thanks for being brave enough to get these shots, and that you made it out in one piece.


amazing pictures!!!!

What streets are the school and balroom on? I live up in Central Harlem and was just curious to check out the exteriors. Thanks.


These are outstanding. You are intrepid!


Really great pictures amazing shots


Incredible photos!! You can review the history of this school watching these photos.


I know this site. Any one can sneak in because it's currently being gutted (as you can see in the photos, the windows have been "unboarded up." It's recently been opened up which is why you don't find homeless, etc inside. Its about to be gutted and developed into condos. The exterior is quite beautiful. Sure it hasn't been used for many years like any number of buildings anywhere in the city. The "harlem decay" angle is misleading and over dramatized. There is no such thing as a building sitting there like that with windows not boarded up. The rest of the buildings on that block are beautifully resorted older buildings mixed with a few new. Condos, coops and rentals all on a pretty block.


This is the school on 145th between Broadway and Amsterdam (I live a few blocks from here). The school has been abandoned for more than 20 years. I might have some slight inaccuracies- but the bulk of the back story on this is that this was sold by the city to a Youth organization (Boy's club?) more than 20 years ago on the promise that they would redevelop it. 20+ years go by with no action. A few years ago, a developer expressed interest and the city was ready to sell it to them since the youth organization breeched the contract to redevelop it. Despite that, many community residents got angry that this would be turned into luxury apartments- and no community center would ever be built. Well the last I heard was that the developer agreed to concessions to appease the community. In place of the abandoned school there would be a co-op built, possibly 2 towers- with a percentage set aside for affordable housing. On the ground floor of the building they would have a community center. I probably heard about this last at least 6 months ago and nothing since.

Juan Camilo

Great photos.. love the light and the mood...

I got here throw WNYC youtube and probably, will stay here...

great work


I LOVE the one on top with the door open. Perfect colors.


i love them all. there is something so interesting about abandoned buildings and such. and while many find that this should be replaced with newer, more visually appealing architecture...there is something very beautiful about the buildings existing like this.


...good work...a friend turned me on to this site and i must say, the details of the photos are great...keep up the good work...urban function is real...regardless of its condition...

Kevin Spencer

Agreed, what an amazing find. Fantastic photos.

nicole p

nice one Jake! it's more like a painting than a photograph


If this really has been abandoned 20+ years ago, I love that shot of the classroom with the letters above the chalk board.. The historical part is great and the fact that some things survive.

Fred King

What an amazing find and set of images. Good work, Jake!


It's amazing that some of the children's work is still posted on the walls, like in the third shot.

Great set of images, I enjoy your work, keep it going.

I'm inspired to begin documenting my town's changing landscape.



I/eye dig that tree just growing outta the floor


Jake.. I've been enjoying your work for years. Keep up the great work.

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